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A Successful App – Successful Business

Smart phones and tablets are all taking over the mobile world today. More of these devices are widely availed and are used more. Computers have taken the second spot. When it co0mes to applications, we all know that it’s on these tablets and phones that most people use them. It is also true that most of these apps are developed in such a way that their use is make perfect for such devices. More and more individuals have shifted from computers to the mobile devices. Even business men and women prefer the use of such devices as they are more convenient, faster and are extremely portable. Doing business on such devices have become the norm for major reasons.  Seeing such a shift in the business world today has led to many developments that are enabling and affecting the mobile business world in a positive manner. So to move into such a realm, in order to make your business a success is a great decision. While you make that move we have some ideas on how you can be successful and make sure you will be able to bring your best in to this world of mobiles and apps. 

Be specific

When it comes to apps development it is important to make sure that your application is very easy to use. You don’t want to have many things going on in one app. The app has to be user-friendly and do exactly what it says it will do. This way you can be sure that there won’t be any confusion when suing it. Having one app perform many functions is a bad move. As long as the job role assigned to that particular is performed well and good and it does it better than the competitor, is easy for anyone to use, is attractive and grabs the attention the right way and is easily accessible on different operating systems in equal levels, it will do well.

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Cater to the different market groups

Targeting only the major players can limit your viewers. If you have an app that works well on the IOS system, don’t stop there. Speak with the app developers to develop something for the android and other smaller market systems. This way you can be sure that you are reaching the whole world. If you are after android app development  in Adelaide, go here.

Make your app interesting

When an individual enjoys using a particular app they are bound to tell others about it. Have a built in system that will enable the user to share their apps functionality or some sort of option where sharing with others makes the app even more interesting. It is somewhat like creating an internal network for the users. When such an options exists they are likely to attract more potential clients.

Marketing Your Mobile App In 2015

Having a great app idea is one thing. Developing that app is another. However, once your app is developed and ready to go, you need to make sure that you have a marketing strategy in place – otherwise no one will even know that your app exists.

The marketplace is crowded

There are millions of apps out there; marketing is essential if you are going to ensure that your app stands out in a crowded marketplace. Australian Android developers and iOS developers have been very busy over the past couple years. These two mobile operating systems are by far the most popular here in this country, and therefore most new apps are developed for them. In fact, Google Play (the main Android app store) currently has more than 1.3 million apps on offer, while the Apple App Store (the only app store for iOS) has around 1.2 million apps.

That’s a lot of apps!

However, when it comes to Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps, there’s certainly less competition. Those looking to create an app tend to steer clear of these operating systems since the audience is much smaller. That being said, it also means the competition isn’t as fierce!

Mobile marketing trends

When it comes to marketing your mobile app, there are a number of strategies that are trending this year.

1.    You need to invest in mobile marketing. Mobile internet access is on the rise, and therefore mobile marketing is trending too. Since your product (mobile app) is targeted towards those who are using their mobiles, it makes sense to engage in mobile marketing. This can include marketing via mobile-friendly websites, social media (since everyone has social media apps), search engine advertising or even advertising your app via other apps. The options are endless, and it’s therefore possible to tailor a strategy that effectively reach your target audience.
2.    Create a blog for your mobile app. A blog (content marketing) is a great way to engage with potential customers, and it also works to improve your web presence. SEO experts will tell you that a blog is a great way to improve your search engine results page rankings – Google loves fresh content! When creating a blog, it’s important to focus on what you can do for the user (i.e. provide information that is of use to them), rather than thinking about what they can do for you (i.e. buy your product). This being the case, it’s important to ensure that your blogs aren’t too promotional.
3.    Create memes. It may sound ‘unprofessional’, but the fact of the matter is clever memes garner attention. When combined with equally clever hashtags, a carefully crafted meme can spread across the internet like wildfire – attracting the attention of your target audience in the process. People love good humour, and a great meme is an effective way to show your audience that you’re ‘with the times’.
4.    Curate content for your audience. Follow other businesses/influencers in your industry and if they post content that is of value to your audience, repost it using social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, content sharing is a great way to engage with customers and position your business as an industry expert that ‘knows what’s going on’.


If you’ve just had an app developed, make sure you have an effective marketing strategy in place and ready to go. When it comes to iphone apps in Melbourne in particular, the marketplace is crowded – you need to make sure that your app will ‘get noticed’.

2014’s Top SEO Trends

We all know that search engine optimisation is always changing; the face of SEO today is very different to the one we knew a couple of years ago. This being the case, what exactly are the top SEO trends from the past year?

Content quality

Creating SEO friendly content no longer means just creating a slab of text with keywords in it.  Content written for SEO purposes needs to be in-depth, informative and useful to internet users – and keywords only really need to be inserted minimally. Google no longer scans content for keywords; it ‘reads’ content for meaning. Content therefore needs to take into account Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – that is, information you would expect to see surrounding particular phrases. It should essentially include information that places the author as an expert on a topic. Like many leading SEO companies, WME Group review content regularly, tracking its effectiveness and altering content writing processes accordingly.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – they all have the ability to influence an SEO campaign. Social media sites are a major factor when it comes to referrals, in fact it’s believed that Facebook is the force behind approximately 20% of all traffic that sites receive. An active social media site, when linked to a business’ website, also has the ability to boost search engine results page (SERP) rankings, as it helps to improve the authority of the website. The influence of social media on SEO campaigns has seen large online marketing companies, such as WME Group, invest heavily in their social media divisions. These days, a comprehensive online marketing strategy is needed – not just an SEO campaign.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship allows you to link any content you have created with a Google+ profile. This means that internet users can see who has written an article, and how reputable the author is – an authorship snippet appears alongside the search result. It is believed that Google does use a form of Author Rank, at least when it comes to ranking in-depth articles. This means that authors are essentially ranked in terms of authority. Over the past year, Google has reduced the snippets that appear alongside search results. For reputable authors using authoritative websites, full snippets still appear. However, for those with lower authorship rankings, snippets are reduced or scrapped altogether.

Guest blogging

When it comes to blogging, think quality over quantity. Gone are the days where businesses could create spammy blog articles for the sole purpose of creating backlinks. Modern-day Google wants to see blogs that are of value to readers, so all blogs should be well written, industry specific and informative.Blogs can still be used to create useful backlinks, however it’s best to think of this as a secondary benefit. The primary benefit is to connect with readers and provide quality information.

In-house teams

As the SEO process becomes increasingly complicated, more online marketing companies are opting to hire full in-house teams. For leading agencies such as WME, SEO campaigns are carried out by in-house teams – SEO experts and technical staff, content writers and link builders.
While WME search engine opstimisation professionals were once enacting SEO campaigns themselves, they are now working for these types of companies in management roles, overseeing the process from start to finish.


In 2014, SEO became more labour intensive – and therefore more expensive! While some drastic changes were seen within the industry over the past year, you can bet that there is plenty in store for 2015 as well.

The face of SEO is always changing!